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volunteer opportunities

Jesus came not to be served, but to serve. At Grace, our volunteer opportunities allow us to give back by using our unique, God given gifts and talents. By serving, we build relationships and grow in our faith. If you are interested in volunteering in any of the programs listed below, simply click on the ministry contact, and one of our team leaders will contact you directly.

Children's Ministry
Grace Cares
gTeams (Sunday Greeters, Hospitality or Parking)

Norwalk Emergency Shelter
Nursery Care


Check our events calendar for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Meals2You From time to time there are individuals or families in our church who have welcomed a new baby, undergone surgery, or could use a home cooked meal. We are always in need of casseroles, soups, pasta dishes or your favorite comfort food for packaging and delivery. Drop off your meal to the GCC office during the week or on Sunday mornings. Be sure it's securely sealed in a disposable container with serving directions and ingredients taped to the top. Click here to contact Monica Rowett.

Children's Ministry Volunteers are needed to help in a variety of ways from preparing crafts, organizing and initiating special programming, serving in a classroom on Sunday as a Teacher or Assistant, as well as providing support as administrative tasks arise. Click here to contact Adrienne McManus.

Grace Cares Volunteers are needed for quarterly projects that range from yard and house cleanup to larger scale painting and small renovations/improvements. Click here to contact Bo Beatty.

gTeam Volunteers are teams of people who serve as Sunday greeters, parking attendants, pre-service coffee & bagels or with hospitality for special events. If you would like to sign up for any of these gTeams (Greeters, Hospitality or Parking), click here to contact Monica Rowett.

Norwalk Emergency Shelter Volunteers help prepare and serve the lunchtime meal at the shelter. Two shifts are available (10:45am-noon and noon-2:00pm). Great fun for friends or small groups. Click here to contact Bo Beatty.

Nursery Care Volunteers help out in the nursery Sunday mornings (9am-10:45am). Great for teens or anyone who enjoys holding, consoling or playing with babies and small children. Click here to contact Adrienne McManus.

Teen Ministry Volunteers help out with 7th through 12th grade programming on Sunday mornings (9:30am-10:30am) or with midweek opportunities and events Click here to contact Rob Knechtle.